It Is Finished

I never thought we would come to the end

But, now that it is done, I am glad and I am relieved

And I am satisfied

You think I mean Harry Potter? On some level, perhaps, but there is much more to be done with that. J.K. Rowling won’t be able to let it go, as is obvious with the start of PotterMore and the continuation of Orlando’s Magical World of Harry Potter. Not that I didn’t enjoy the movie. I did. Snape is pure glory.

But that’s not the point

THIS is the point:


It took the entirety of Saturday afternoon with my brother to do this, but Portal 2 Co-op has been completed.

With us being cheat whores, it says a lot that we went through the whole entire thing without having to look at a single solution online. We fought it out (with a few clues remaining in my mind from those gamers who have gone before us) and finished it on our own. I have never felt more mentally tired and yet so very happy. I’ve now gotten an entire game’s worth of play out of it.

Favorite part: standing in front of the cameras and pissing GLaDOS off with our insane antics. I probably broke it down with my nifty dance movies ten times in a row. And for the record, I am a master at Rock, Paper, Scissors


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