Mind the Gap Between the Tardis and the Platform

OH LOOK! It’s a Doctor Who Tube Map!

Now you have NO EXCUSE not to watch Doctor Who. It’s all right there on the frickin’ map! Don’t give me this bullshit about needing to watch the first eight Doctors or it’ll mean nothing. That’s like saying you have to start at Brixton to even consider riding the Victoria line. And then what are you doing? Driving all the way from Warren Street to Brixton just so you can get on the train in order to travel to Kings Cross, what would have originally been two stops away from your primary location. And now you’re going to have to sit on the damn tube, regardless of how pretty the scenery might be (but I doubt it with the Victoria line being a deep-level line), and wait. And you might be late for work. Your wife might have one of those conniption fits where all the skin melts off of her face. And your kids might get onion cancer. Then you’ll feel guilty, won’t you? But it’ll be too late

All could have been remedied if you had just gotten on the damn train where you stood

Get on the damn train

Watch Doctor Who and avoid the spread of onion cancer


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