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Lost Without You, Coleslaw

Everything was discontentment. No amount of Southern Comfort and Coke could cure that deeply rooted feeling of restlessness and ennui

And then

There was coleslaw

The most delicious coleslaw in my mouth.

The solution to pressing world matters: the unhealthy eating habits of US citizens, world hunger, and who knows? Maybe even cancer. HIV. Or the worst of them of them all *dundundun* Plantar fasciitis

But then coleslaw all gone. In my tummy. No more to be had. Only to be digested

Everything is discontentment

But, pretty sunset over Lake Michigan helps

Where we are staying on our grand trip to Interlochen is right by the Sleeping Bear sand dunes and Lake Michigan. My great aunt Louise and the maternal side of my mother’s family (the Welchs) have been living here since 1903. The house we’re staying at is actually part of the Sleeping Bear sand dunes historical trail. There’s about 200 acres that her uncle used to own, but when they wanted to make the entire area part of the park/trail, he got himself entangled in an eminent domain kind of deal. But all turned out well. They ended up paying him all the land was worth instead of just half of what it was worth (like they were trying to do before) and they’re still allowed to live on the land. Her cousins even hold a cider fest every fall. There’s so much I never knew about this side of the family.


tomorrow will be busy, but hopefully Sunday, my mom will take me on a tour of her childhood haunts around the place. It’s so grand and full of hills and trees and orchards and random abandoned hunting shacks

Not to mention a great big fucking hill of sand! So much dune to be climbed


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