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Word of the Day: AMENEUROSIS

ameneurosis: n. the half-forlorn, half-escapist ache of a train whistle calling in the distance at night

Example: I get this intense feeling of ameneurosis every single time I listen to The Sundays’ “Wild Horses.”   


Note to self: It might not be the best idea to take your dog for a walk in the dark after watching two horror/suspence movies about people being abducted and stuck in mazes, traps, and/or rooms where they are systematically killed off one by one.

That being said, I did enjoy watching Cube and (to some extent) Breathing Room. Technically, I should be going to bed right about now, but I think I’m going to go torture and scare the shit out of myself by watching House of 9. Because I hate houses. As if being stuck in a maze of booby-trapped cubes isn’t bad enough, they have to make a movie where people are stuck in a house. Worst nightmare ever

Nightmare I have most nights

Oh well. Beats the hell out of what I dreamt last night

**Edit to Add: What is it about these movie being exactly and hour and a half long? Each one of them is exactly 90 minutes. Paranooooia


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