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My Life is So Cheesy

Can we talk about cheese for minute?

I want to talk about cheese

If you happen to be lactose intolerant, you are more than welcome to stick your tongue out at me and go spend some more time on Facebook or surfing your lactose intolerant community boards or whatever the hell it is you do when you can’t eat cheese.

Cheese is a big part of my life. It’s more than mere like. I’d almost go as far as to say that cheese is a essential to my feeding time happiness. If my day does not include cheese, I will be a grumpy girl by the time I go to sleep.

Now, hold on a second. Don’t raise your eyebrows at me/the computer screen. Think about the things you eat that contain cheese and then YOU tell me that if you cut them out of your daily diet, if you wouldn’t be grumpy.

The cheese possibilities are endless. You want soup? Potato and cheese. You want a sandwich? Grilled cheese. You want a snack? Nacho cheese Doritos. You want uppity hor d’oeuvres? Cheese and crackers. Cream cheese. Cottage cheese. Cheese stuffed in a roll. Microwaved cheese. Night cheese. Pots of melted cheese made socially acceptable by the graces of fondue. Oh, holy Lord, it is a beautiful world

Everyone always asks, “So, what do you look for in a relationship?” And I can’t tell you all the answers to that. I don’t know what makes the perfect man. But I’ll tell you one thing, my future companions have to understand something: there WILL be cheese in our relationship.

And if you can’t handle that, it’s probably for the best that you find someone else because me and my cheese will not be parted.


In other news, I am addicted to gifs

Again, if you can’t handle that, it’s probably for the best that you never visit this site again



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