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So Much Damn Beauty

Sometimes Stumbleupon can lead to an ENTIRE DAY of looking at the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life, bar none

To respect her wishes that no one takes any of her pictures from her flickr, I found this one on the Manic Panic site (she’s their cover girl, and considering the amount of Manic Panic hair dye she must go through on a monthly basis, she’s the person I would want) that just barely does her justice.

Seriously, go HERE.  She does beautiful photography along with having the most phenomenal hair and make-up. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

In other news, learning Damien Rice’s 9 Crimes on the piano was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Too bad the piano, as an entire unit, is about a half step off and it makes singing a little more difficult than it ought to be

The other song I want to learn on the piano is The Nearness of You by Norah Jones. I went searching for the sheet music online. Like most songs I make a goal to learn, it sounded easy enough. But, you know, I have a few downfalls as a self-taught piano pretender. One of them is that I can’t count worth a damn. A second is that I still can’t quite read bass clef.

A third arose last night as I stumbled upon the sheet music: I have no idea how to read jazz music. I naïvely assumed that it would be the same kind of deal as any other sheet music, you know, pretty standard stuff. Nope. There were signs and symbols and stuff that I’m sure if I sat down and compared it to the music, I could possibly figure it out, but it’s just an added problem.

But it’s such a beautiful song

My puppy is sitting in front of me with a mini Lumen Christi Titan football. We had to brush all the mats out of his fur, then give him a bath and then brush him some more. I’m not sure this damn dog is ever going to stop shedding. By the time he loses all the fur he’s supposed to shed, it’ll be early September and time for him to grow it all back again

I am going to go play with him now


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