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The moment when you realize you haven’t posted since the Doctor sent Amy packing…awkward


I would like to know who has the rights to declare national days and how did they get this supreme power?

I look at my calendar at work and there are national dessert days all over the damn place. Technically, I think it’s National Cookie Month as you read this. Who decided that it was National Cookie Month? Or is it different for every place of business? Does Mrs. Fields’ Cookies have a different National Cookie Month? Or do they not celebrate National Cookie Month because every day is a cookie celebration for them?

The other day was National Pastry Day. Were the price of pastries less than usual? No. Were there more pastries being sold? No. I fear that the bakeries of the United States were not informed of National Pastry Day. So why the fuck do we have it? What good is a day dedicated to pastries if the country that is supposed to be celebrating has no fucking idea that they’re suppose to be having crazy whirligigs of pastry fun?

On my birthday, we celebrate National Video Games Day. Isn’t that exciting? Why didn’t I know that before today? No one ever told me. No one ever said, “Why, Chrissy. Did you know that you and video games share an annual celebration day? Go now and play some Portal.” Hell, if I had known this in college, it sure would have made my birthday bashes better attended.

December 25th is National Pumpkin Pie Day. What the fuck? Who decided this? Why is National Pumpkin Pie Day not closer to the general area of Thanksgiving? At least I know that when I think Christmas, pumpkin pie really doesn’t come to mind. Maybe it does for you. Maybe it does for the people deciding what we should be acknowledging each day

Which brings me back to my original question: who decides this kind of stuff and how did they get their hands on such a great yet irrelevant power?

That is all


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