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Word of the Day: AMENEUROSIS

ameneurosis: n. the half-forlorn, half-escapist ache of a train whistle calling in the distance at night

Example: I get this intense feeling of ameneurosis every single time I listen to The Sundays’ “Wild Horses.”   


Note to self: It might not be the best idea to take your dog for a walk in the dark after watching two horror/suspence movies about people being abducted and stuck in mazes, traps, and/or rooms where they are systematically killed off one by one.

That being said, I did enjoy watching Cube and (to some extent) Breathing Room. Technically, I should be going to bed right about now, but I think I’m going to go torture and scare the shit out of myself by watching House of 9. Because I hate houses. As if being stuck in a maze of booby-trapped cubes isn’t bad enough, they have to make a movie where people are stuck in a house. Worst nightmare ever

Nightmare I have most nights

Oh well. Beats the hell out of what I dreamt last night

**Edit to Add: What is it about these movie being exactly and hour and a half long? Each one of them is exactly 90 minutes. Paranooooia


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Word of the Day: GROAK

Groak: to watch people eat hoping that they will offer you some of their food

Example: In high school, I was a master at groaking. I had charitable friends that took pity on me. This allowed me to save my lunch money to buy more important things like a new CD player or a deck of cards. As you can see, I was way cool in high school

I just watched a video of Vin Diesel talking in a helium-altered voice. Perhaps I shouldn’t have laughed until I nearly peed my pants, but sometimes you can’t help these things

I think my couch might be alive. There is no other possible explanation why it absorbs so much heat and then radiates it back onto me. It being a heavy cloth couch might have something to do with it…but when your couch is alive, you just know, man. You just know.

Have you ever stayed up late, screwing around on the internet and just when you start getting tired, you realize just how much stuff you wanted to do/look up before you wasted your time watching videos of Vin Diesel sucking in helium? I’m there right now

And lastly, your Man Candy Moment of the Night

Oh. The cheekbones. That jaw. Benedict Cumberbatch, you do your name justice with a glorious face like that

That is all

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Word of the Day: GNASCHE

gnasche: n. the intense desire to bite deeply into the forearm of someone you love

Example: I have never experienced gnasche and am glad for it because I think biting someone is strange, and painful, and largely unsanitary.

In other news, this is a funny picture

That is all


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